Men's Health Week will be held from June 12 - 18 2017

Our theme for 2016 was HEALTH ELEMENTS: Living With Purpose, Building On Health, a focus on the elements that contribute to health, wellbeing and purpose for Australian men, boys, their families and their communities.

By running engaging events and activities in parternship with services, health providers and local people, Men's Health Week encourages communities to start those conversations about the elements of life that build health and life’s purpose.

With more than 188 Events, we thank everyone who supported local events and initiatives to reach out to Australia's boys and blokes...


Events By Day:

Events on Monday 13th June (35 Items) Events on Tuesday 14th June (30 Items) Events on Wednesday 15th June (47 Items) Events on Thursday 16th June (40 Items) Events on Friday 17th June (29 Items) Events on Saturday 18th June (18 Items) Events on Sunday 19th June (10 Items)

Event Map