Event Guidelines

Men's Health Week is designed to promote positive, strengths-based approaches to the health and wellbeing of men and boys in Australia.

The Men's Health Week community believes that to improve the state of male health in Australia, a holistic, broad and integrated approach needs to be taken to address the diverse causes of poor health.  A campaign like the Men's Health Week campaign is designed to provide broad approaches that influence male health in a positive way and appeal to health services, and to men and their families in diverse situations.

We are happy to list most events as long as they meet the following basic criteria:

  • Events must have a focus on directly promoting the health of men and boys.
  • They must be targeted towards interacting with and involving men and boys.
  • They need to encourage, or at least be open to,  participation by diverse groups of men and boys.
  • They need to be running in or around Men's Health Week.  We are happy to list events four weeks either side of Men's Health Week.

We want to thank you for participating and for showing continued interest in Men's Health!

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