Top Social Media Posts From #MensHealthWeek

A selection of the top social media posts from #MensHealthWeek celebrating the launch in Canberra.

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Men's Health Week Photo Competition Time!

Photos competitions are a great opportunity to share the love this Men's Health Week and win prizes - have a go!

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FREE Bone Health Scans at Griffith University on the Gold Coast

A free exercise intervention for bone health in men over fifty Griffith University Gold Coast campus...

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Choose Your Own Adventure In Making Healthy Normal

NSW Health is promoting healthier lifestyles by encouraging regular, small steps that make a big difference in the long run. Find out what you can do...

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Father Time: Positive Factors Spending Time With The Kids: Good For Dads And Kids

Dr. Ken Canfield, founder and president, National Center For Fathering in Kansas, America writes that: “kids spell love t-i-m-e”...

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Activity And Keeping The Balance

By Elizabeth Jasprizza

Taking time for physical activity can be achieved by taking small steps towards health by doing enjoyable activities...

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Unemployment and the key to men’s health?

By Elizabeth Jasprizza

Unemployment is a key factor in men’s health as one of the social determinants of health alongside transport, education, food and income. Unemployment can have a devastating effect on a man’s dignity, self worth and how he feels as a man, his intrinsic manliness or masculinity and has the capacity to also affect his relationships with family and friends.

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Resources for Men's Health Week from Andrology Australia

Andrology Australia provides themed resources (posters and brochures) for Men’s Health Week that provide a wonderful opportunity for men to recognise the importance of their health and to visit the doctor for any health concerns.

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Keeping People Connected To Life At The Shed, Mount Druitt

A visit to The Shed means coming to a safe place, somewhere that welcomes you no matter who you are or what background you have. On Wednesdays, there is an open lunch that is widely enjoyed by many and aims to create connections between visitors and the staff like Rick and his offsider Don.

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Police officer suicide: it's not just about workplace stress, but culture too

The inquest into the tragic death of former New South Wales police detective Ashley Bryant highlights the issue of suicide among police officers. Central to the inquest has been considerations of how Bryant was treated by the police force and what – if anything – could have been done to prevent his death.

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Tackle Men’s Health Problems In Every Country, Says Global Men’s Health Organisation At Start Of Men’s Health Week

Today, at the start of International Men’s Health Week 2016, GAMH is urging the WHO and other leading global public health organisations to develop policies and deliver services that take full account of men as well as women. We also want national governments to act now to tackle the problems facing men.

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Male Health In Australia: A Call For Action

Despite three decades of adverse statistics, male health policy or rather the lack of it, continues to fail the Australian male. Research continues to demonstrate a disproportionate gender differential in death and illness for males in Australia.

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Supporting Men's Health With Team Lace Up

Since January 2016, eight lives have been lost to social violence. We think one is too many. Team lace up aims to address social violence.

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Media Release: Men’s Health Week 2016 - Rediscovering Fun For Life

In the leadup to Men's Health Week, men across Australia are taking the time to rediscover inspiring activities and fun events in their local communities.

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Youth Unemployment: Local Communities Essential For Helping Young People Find Work

The local approach in men's health week is key to its success. This article explores the essential role that local communities play in addressing one of the greatest factors in the health and wellbeing of young people as they transition into adult life.

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Australian Universities Make Health And Wellbeing A Priority

Representatives from 25 Australian universities have joined together to form the Australian Health Promoting Universities network, which will see them work collaboratively to create healthier university campuses and communities.

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What Is My Real Risk Of Cancer?

Understanding the relative risk of different cancers can be very difficult. There is so much information and yet, getting a clear understanding of the factors most likely to contribute to cancer is hard to find.

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The MOMENT TO BE FREE Online Art Exhibition

We challenged men of all ages across Australia to create a brand new creative work within 7 days based on their personal interpretation of 'Moment To Be Me'.

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Lace Up Against Social Violence: Because 96 Australians Don't Have The Choice To Step Back Or Think

Since 2000, 96 Australians - 86 of them men - have been killed or severely injured in one-punch assaults. Men's Health Week is about making a decision - and choosing better. SBT’s Lace Up Against Social Violence campaign aims to raise awareness around social violence as well as the far reaching impact a violent decision made in the heat of the moment can have.

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Not Enough Time: How GPs Can Shape Nutrition Advice For Men

In a rushed, time-pressed world, how can General Practiioners offer relevant and coherent nutritional information in a way that patients can understand, and more importantly, put into action?

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SMH: More man-friendly health services needed to stem suicide flow

Suicide continues to be one of the top 10 causes of death amongst men, with suicide prevention campaigners using a Canberra conference to call for more "male friendly" health services to encourage men to seek help.

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Men's Health Week 2014 - Media Release

This year Men’s Health Week, running from June 9 – 15, is all about recognising and celebrating the many contributions large and small, that men and boys make to our society and to the community.

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Know Your Score And Keep Yourself In The Game This Men's Health Week

During Men’s Health Week (9 – 15 June 2014) Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) is partnering with the West Australian Football Commission (WAFC) to dedicate a round of WAFL games played on 14 June 2014 to be called the Know your Score Round.

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Celebrating Male Health Across The World

The week before Men's Health Week is always frantic for us as we gear up for another big week of focus on male health. It's during this week that everything comes together - all the planning, development and logistics all working to help you as event organisers to run successful events.

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Men's health: why it's time for a new approach - Guardian UK

Another health campaign week is upon us. This time it's Men's Health Week. Unusually this is not a campaign about a condition, rather one targeted towards half the population. But there is a real need for it. We know that men die younger, smoke more, drink more alcohol and ignore symptoms more than women.

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A Celebration Of Men And Boys In 2014

Men's Health Week is shaping to be another great week in 2014, building on the successes of past Men's Health Weeks.

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Ideas For Creating Engaging Men's Health Events

Tips and guides to create events and activities that engage men and boys and their families in life, health and wellness.

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Infographic Highlights The Need For Focus On Male Health

A useful infographic from the British Columbia Men's Health Initiative.

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