Why Register?

Sign showing the way to Men's Health Week

Registering your Men's Health Week events can be beneficial to your organisation in many ways.  By registering your event, you will receive your own profile webpage for the event and a marker on the map on the homepage.

Registering is free and events are normally added to the website as soon as they are received.

But here are some other benefits you can gain by registering your event with us:

  • Registered events receive a special Event Resource Pack which has more items in it that you can use as giveaways at your events.  These packs are only available to Partner organisations and registered event owners.
  • It makes it easy for visitors, media people and others interested in Men's Health Week to find out what is happening in your region
  • Your event will bring exposure from web searches relating to your region or to your aspects of men's health - all for free
  • It will create a lasting record of the event for future Men's Health Week planning and sharing
  • You will be joining a community of people who care about improving men's health locally

Remember that all events and exposure gained around Men's Health Week is delivered back to state departments of health.  The more we can work together to raise awareness of men's health in Australia, the better we will be able to effect changes in policy and procedures.

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