Share The Map

Men's Health Week Live Event MapYou can put the Men's Health Week map on your own website.


Ask your developer to copy and paste the code below and have it on your webpages. The number of icons will automatically increase as more events are listed, so over time you'll get a live map of what's happening during the week.

Each icon will open up the event shown and help your users find events in their region.




The Code For The Map

Highlight this code and paste it into your pages to display the map.

Instructions For Wordpress

  • Find the page or post on which you would like to display the map.
  • Switch to HTML on the text editor box at the top right hand side.
  • Paste the code into the space where you would like it to show.

Instructions For Other Content Management Systems

  • Find the page onto which you would like the map to appear
  • On your Text Editor, select Source or the button '<>' to edit the html
  • Paste the above code where you want the map to appear

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