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Men's Health Week 14-20 June 2021.

Engaging Men And Boys

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How can we get more men involved?


The idea of producing health services that work for men and boys is gaining traction and acceptance around the world.

We've pulled together some examples of programs that others have found to work well in engaging men and boys in health.

Perhaps one of the most common questions people ask when they decide to run a program for male health is 'how can we get men to be involved?'

This can be a challenge for new programs as much as established ones. Based on discussions with people who have been there, we suggest the following broad principles.


  • Keep it simple. Make it fun (you could call it 'KISMIF'). Don't overthink what you have to do to make it 'healthy'. Think of activities that are likely to be fun for your target group.
  • Be ready for men whe they do come along. Make the service welcoming, use visuals that display dads and kids or real-world men in different settings and have a mix of male and female workers.


  • Ask yourself where and how men find information. Peer networks, friends, workplaces, sporting clubs and even wives and partners are often effective and low-cost methods of providing information.
  • Good events and networks often take time to establish so you'll need patience and persistence. The more effective ways of promoting are little and often, through networks and by low-cost marketing methods. 


  • Provide discrete but easy to access health information. Put it into a showbag rather than leave it open to pick and choose from - that way, blokes might take it home and have a quiet read.
  • If you're producing your own material, keep the wording short and to the point. Provide summaries of complex information if you have to.

Find out what other organisations are doing by visiting MENGAGE - the Australian Male Health Clearinghouse.


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